Publicaciones Científicas

Los diferentes miembros de la Unidad publican habitualmente en revistas nacionales e internacionales sobre los temas a los que dedican su actividad diaria. Esta sección pretende mostrar las publicaciones más importantes de los últimos años.

Ultrasound findings and associated factors to morbidity in Schistosoma haematobium infection in a highly endemic setting. Trop Med Int Health 2017

New diagnoses of human immunodeficiency virus infection in the Spanish pediatric HIV Cohort (CoRISpe) from 2004 to 2013. Medicine 2017

Coinfection with HIV and hepatitis C virus in 229 children and young adults living in Europe. AIDS 2017

Cytomegalovirus DNA detection by polymerase chain reaction in cerebrospinal fluid of infants with congenital infection: associations with clinical evaluation at birth and implications for follow-up. Oxford University Press 2017

Escherichia coli early-onset sepsis: trends over two decades. Eur J Pediatr 2017

Sequential strategy for the LTBI screening of newly-arrived immigrants in vulnerable social situations. Enf Inf y Mic Clin 2017

Reticular Dysgenesis. International Survey on clinical presentation, transplantation and outcome. Blood 2017

Screening protocols to monitor respiratory status in Primary Immunodeficiency Disease: findings from a European survey and subclinical infection working group. Clin Exp Immunol 2017

In utero negativization of Zika virus in a case with serious Central Nervous System abnormalities. Clinical Microbiology and Infection 2017

Imported malaria in Spain (2009-2016). Results from the +REDIVI Collaborative Network. Malaria Journal 2017

Severe malaria in Europe. An 8-year multi-centre observational study. Malaria Journal 2017

Infection control, genetic assessment of drug resistance and susceptibility testing in the current management of multidrug/extensively-resistant tuberculosis in Europe: A tuberculosis network European Trialsgroup study. Respiratory Medicine 2017

A prospective study on the natural history of patients with profound combined immunodeficiency (P-CID): an interim analysis. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2017

Imported Zika Virus in a European City: How to Prevent Local Transmission? Frontiers in Microbiology 2017

Conjuntivitis neonatal. Diagnóstico y tratamiento. Acta Estrabológica 2017

Early Versus Late Diagnosis of Complement Factor I Deficiency: Clinical Consequences Illustrated in Two Families with Novel Homozygous CFI Mutations. J Clin Immunol 2017

Impact of immigration on HIV mother-to-child transmission in Weestern Europe. HIV Medicine 2016

Immunosuppressive Therapy and Interferon-1b. Rev Esp Cardiol. 2016

Control and management of congenital Chagas disease in Europe and other non-endemic countries. Current policies and practices. Tropical Medicine and International Health 2016

Off-label use of rilpivirine in combination with emtricitabine and tenofovir in HIV-1-infected pediatric patients. A multicenter study. Medicine 2016

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